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Maintaining a fulfilling and rewarding life even in the midst of challenges can be daunting, overwhelming and confusing but with the help of a skilled and compassionate clinician empowerment and positive change is possible.

The work I do includes, but is not limited to, Life Coaching, Anxiety Management, Self Esteem improvement, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT),Talk therapies, and Meditation. With these stated, it is quite important to me to tailor the work I do specifically to each client's needs.

I work well with a variety of age groups including children ages 6 - 9, transitional aged youth 16 - 24 and adults 18 plus who are experiencing depression, anxiety, other mood disorders, grief, suicidal thoughts, self harm, major life or career changes, domestic violence and varying other traumas and experiences. 

As a licensed clinician, I am also able to provide clinical license supervision as well as consulting and trainings including Mental Health First Aid for individuals and organizations. 

If you have a desire to connect how your faith can be helpful in overcoming your challenges, I am also knowledgeable in spirituality and varying faiths including Christianity, Catholicism, Muslim, and Judaism.

I also provide supervision for clinicians in training in graduate school. If interested please contact me for further information.

I am committed to providing you with quality care and help and will offer additional or alternative resources whenever necessary.

Check out the links below to find me on Psychology Today and Linkedin!

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